Founding meeting

On April 13, 2019, the founding meeting of the members of the Polish Professional Genealogists Association took place in Warsaw. The day was a follow-up to several months of work on the organization’s goals, idea, articles of association and code of ethics.

Polish Professional Genealogists is the first organization of this type in Poland and it brings together companies that carry out genealogical searches. Observing the current situation, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to create the Association in order to provide expert genealogy services.

Goals of the Association

The organization was founded on the basis of shared experiences of professional genealogists, cooperating with each other for a long time. Polish Professional Genealogists constitutes an answer to the need to find one’s own roots in the lands related to Poland by people who seekprofessional help, fair deals and professional services.

Among other purposes of the Association of Polish Professional Genealogists included in Articles of Association the following should be mentioned, among others:

  1. Professional integration of genealogical companies,
  2. Acting for the development of professional genealogy,
  3. Shaping and developing the profession of a genealogist, as well as protecting their rights and raising the profile of the profession,
  4. Developing standards of professional ethics,
  5. Dissemination of knowledge about genealogy,
  6. Developing an education system in the scope of genealogy.

Code of Ethics

All our members are guided in their daily activities by high ethical and business standards contained in Professional Genealogist’s Code of Ethics. The Association makes every effort to ensure that its members constantly improve their competences in conducting genealogical searches and have the opportunity to exchange experiences.

During the meeting, which was the 1st General Meeting of Members of the Association, the Association Board and the Auditing Committee were elected.

The Board:

President – Mr Grzegorz Biłos

Vice President – Mr Michał J. Marciniak

Treasurer – Ms Joanna Lubierska-Lewandowska

Member of the Board – Ms Aleksandra Kacprzak

Auditing Committee:

Mr Lucjan Cichocki

Mr Mariusz Michalak

Mr Alan Jakman

On the website at About us tab the Articles of the Association of Polish Professional Genealogists can be found as well as the text of Professional Genealogist’s Code of Ethics.

You may also want to contact us and view the photos gallery from the founding meeting.


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